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Business & Sport Team Coaching

High Performing Teams

Whether in business or sport what sets high performing teams apart from just good teams is not their technical skill level, but more the mindset and approach. High performing teams will have a shared vision of what success looks like and be inspired by that vision. They have developed a trust in each other, will engage in constructive conflict that challenges this process, and they are committed and accountable as a team. It is this clarity that will take a highly skilled team to the top to become truly high performing.

My Focus

My session will focus on helping your team create the right environment so that leaders can inspire this shared vision and enabling the team to act, to challenge the process and shape your journey. With the right approach and by having someone from outside your team bringing non-judgemental support, your team can start to move towards becoming high performing.

Team Function and Dysfunction

Goals & Motivation

This is about having an inspiring and clearly defined goal or target that is measurable. For an individual to stay focused and motivated within a team they need to know that they have a clear picture of success, understand the cost of failure, and be committed to that target and believe there is accountability.

By bringing me in to your teams, I will help drive the focus on what really matters and help the team truly understand itself.

Key areas of focus would be:

By helping the team understand their individual and collective goals, working out how they all interact and effect each other, you put yourself on the pathway to high performance.

Structure & Morale

How we work, clearly defining what we are and who we want to be is the only true way to feel valued and part of something that is worth being part of. This session will focus on setting up a structure that builds moral, allowing for individual spirit to drive team success.

Some of the key questions:

Climate & Conflict

A climate that understands the importance of individualism within the team structure and the desire to challenge the process and ask questions does not happen by itself. If you want to get the most from your team and leaders, and go on to achieve your goals then your team needs to know:

Transitional Support

Transitions are something we all face, a lot more than we would like to admit.

Speaking to an impartial person in a a non-judgemental and safe environment, gives you the space to think clearly and objectively, ask for advice and create supportive networks that can help you through changes and challenges.

Transitional support session can be a specific one off session, or a longer term discussion and development. The more work directed in transition, the less support needed long term.

Team Sports

Whether it be a new team just starting out or a long established team looking to build to the future, having someone that is removed from your day to day world with a fresh approach can be the catalyst to building the team you want to be. Using all my experience of working within high performing teams I will look at all aspects of your team's performance, ask vital questions and help build confidence.

Areas of focus:

One to One Support

Whatever your role within the team, performance comes with challenges, frustration, stress and a multitude of other emotions. We can all benefit from an impartial pair of ears.

Allocating time for one to one support, schedules and demands can be considered, and potential challenges identified and resolved. Pinpointing key goals and agreeing steps required is key for success.

‘One to One’ service is designed to empower and will assist the development of confidence and organisational skills. Pinpointing key goals and discussing the steps required to help achieve them is also key for success.

Areas of support include:

"We brought Nigel into the team to work on our projects that involve coaching and leadership skills development. Nigel has a wealth of experience as a performance athlete within high pressure team scenarios. His ability to apply real life examples to leadership and coaching theory helps inspire and motivate our staff within the network and demonstrates the importance of these skills with the sporting environment."

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